Univase Forte Products

Univase Forte are high potency proteolytic enzyme formulas, with 10 enzymes and synergistic nutrients. Nutritionists have promoted these enzymes in their natural approach to many conditions including weight loss, relief from inflammatory conditions such as arthritis and sprains and in reducing heart disease. No other enzyme formula is as high in Chymotrypsin (an extremely potent and long-lived proteolytic enzyme) as Univase Forte Our tablets are pH sensitive and enteric coated.

Are you searching for quick allergy relief without the unpleasant anti-histamine “hangover” so prevalent when taking over-the-counter remedies? Allerform is designed to provide a multi-faceted attack on the causes of allergy attack, to relieve symptoms and to support the body’s efforts to remove toxins.

Each ingredient was specially chosen for its ability to effect some facet of the body’s overreaction to allergens. Some strengthern cell membranes, some stop or slow the bodies immune responses while others open clogged bronchi.

There are many who claim to have the definitive formulation of Cetyl Myristoleate (CMO), a fatty acid which has excellent properties in support of rheumatoid and osteo arthritis. But the fact is that many of our customers have told us over the years that the other formulations just don’t stack up to the formulation that comes from the company picked by Harry Diehl, the discoverer and patent holder for the formulation to license it to.

Therefore, we went to the source and are now happy to announce that our new Artholeate product is from that laboratory

Hypo Gestaid is designed for patients who need hydrochloric acid supplementation. Betaine HCl and Glutamic HCl are contained in the stomach phase of the tablet. The stomach phase also contains the enzymes pepsin and papain for protein digestion, Gentian root and Ginger root extracts for support and enhancement of gastric juice excretion and lyophilized stomach for support of the organ. The duodenal phase of Hypo Gestaid contains the enzymes pancreatin, pancrelipase, amylase and bromelain to aid the digestion of proteins, starches, simple sugars and fats as well as ox bile extract to help emulsify fats and lyophilized duodenum for organ support.

Many report that nothing beats zinc to fight the common cold, while others swear that grapefruit seed extract is the best. Yet others insist that Echinacea is the only way to go. Now you no longer have to guess which is the best, try virex complex.