Organic Spirulina Powder - 150g

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Organic Spirulina Powder and Tablets

Spirulina can be a great addition to your healthy diet and exercise regime. Not only is it known as a super food but is also known to be packed with nutrients that have the potential to help the mind and body.

Grown in a peninsula in the South China Sea for the highest quality products obtained by our professional team, youll soon wonder how you ever got by without it. On our website you can discover spirulina in a number of different forms. In addition to capsules, you can purchase spirulina as a powder. You can also discover nutritional information regarding the organic spirulina to begin arranging your intake amounts and ensuring you can have trust in our service.


  • Spirulina is Natures richest whole-food source of the entire anti-oxidant spectrum including: beta-carotene, vitamin E, selenium, methionine, cysteine, super oxide dismutase, glutathionine, peroxides, copper, manganese, zinc, B-1, B-2, B-3, B-5, and B-6. It is the only source of phycocyanin, an immune stimulant.
  • Spirulina contains 58 times the amount of biochelated iron than raw spinach and 28 times richer than raw beef liver.
  • Spirulina contains 3 times the amount of Vitamin E than raw wheat germ, and its action in the body is 49% greater than that of synthetic vitamin E.
  • Spirulina is nature's richest source of beta-carotene (pro-vitamin A). It's 25 times higher than raw carrots!
  • Spirulina is nature's richest source of gamma linolenic acid (GLA). It's 3 times richer than evening primrose! The polyunsaturated oils in Spirulina contain 21% GLA (GLA is the active ingredient in evening primrose oil - evening primrose oil contains up to 10% GLA).
  •     Spirulina is a rich whole food source of chlorophyll - equal to that of alfalfa or wheat-grass.

Technical specifications

Nutritional Value Values per 100g
Energy 65.9g
Fat 1g
Total Carbohydrates 13.1g
Fiber 5.1g
Salt 0.9g
Calcium 333mg
Iron 6.6mg
Magnesium 300mg
Brand This Health
Condition New
Product Code SKU122
Weight 0.21kg


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