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Vegetarian Evening Primrose Oil Capsules 60 x 500mg

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Brief History of the Evening Primrose Oil

Native to North America, evening primrose is now present in most of the temperate regions. The evening primrose oil has large yellow flowers, after a long drawn rod about a meter, which briefly opens only some minutes at dusk. It is grown to extract the oil from its seeds, particularly because of its antioxidant properties and effects against menopausal disorders. Oil is extracted from tiny seeds of evening primrose (Oenothera biennis), a North American original plant. Rich in Vitamin E, Evening Primrose oil is very useful because it is also one of the richest in gamma-linolenic acid (GLA), an essential fatty acid that is part of the Omega 6 fatty acids (vitamin F).The role of evening primrose oil can be explained by the fact that its fatty acid (GLA) is transformed in the body into prostaglandins (PGE 1) that have a moisturizing and anti-inflammatory. They lower blood pressure, promoting blood fluidity and decrease the risk of thrombosis, decreasing cholesterol synthesis and protect the liver. They also enhance immunity by acting on the cells.
Medicinal uses of evening primrose

Rheumatoid arthritis. 
A meta-analysis, updated in 20111, concluded that, despite some conflicting data, all evidence of the tip to a moderate beneficial effect oils containing GLA. Three studies (271 subjects in all) yielded positive results regarding treating this disease. However, in two of these tests, they used olive oil as a placebo, which may have contributed to skew the results, the authors of a meta-analysis published in 20052. Therefore, they concluded that by merging evening primrose oil with borage oil (another source of GLA) GLA was significant in reducing symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis.

The effectiveness of evening primrose oil to treat eczema is clear. Same for the meta-analyses3-6: 2 of them have concluded that evening primrose oil may be useful for the treatment of eczema. A crucial document published in India as an essay in 2008 on 50 subjects, taking evening primrose oil during five months was significantly more effective than placebo in relieving symptoms of subjects with eczéma8.
The authors recognized the use of the meta-analysis mentioned above, in countries like South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Turkey, Spain, Hong Kong, Denmark, Italy, Germany and Pakistan, this oil is recognized for treatment of eczema.

Mastalgia (breast pain) and PMS
The recent research based on the effects of evening primrose oil in curing breast pain has proved positive. Two clinical studies with placebo have yielded positive results regarding the relief of breast pain related premenstrual l10 syndrome. In a recent trial conducted in Egypt, the combination of evening primrose and bromocriptine oil reduced the symptoms of women with Mastalgia cyclique13 (Bromocriptine is a drug used against some premenstrual disorders). It decreases pituitary prolactin. A hormone linked to stress that increases in women before menstruation. In this indication, evening primrose oil can be taken at a dose of two capsules, from the 10th to 28th day of the cycle. The most recent studies show the value of combining organic evening primrose oil and natural vitamin E, the latter also acting on morale.

Diabetic neuropathy 
This diabetic type is a gradual degeneration of nerves that can be extremely painful. The effectiveness of evening primrose oil for relief is clear. Research by Synthesis published in 2003 found sufficient evidence, specialist medical state that evening primrose oil may be helpful for mild diabetic neuropathy. According to them, a treatment for at least six months is required and requires taking 9 to 12 500 mg capsules of evening primrose oil per day
Prevention of cardiovascular risks and antiplatelet effect
Regular courses of organic evening primrose oil would be interesting to men as much as women. A recent study reports on its metabolic activity. Indeed, it would participate in the fight against platelet aggregation as well as aspirin, by thinning the blood. It is certainly more efficient than krill oil.
Prevention of kidney stones.
A study published in December 2009 showed that taking 500 mg was enough to reduce the presence of calcium and urinary oxalate in the first week. The authors advise evening primrose oil as a preventive renal oxalate stones. Possibly there also involves two oils alternately in cardiovascular prevention.

Should you prefer the evening primrose or borage oil? Skin authors venture to decide. In general, use of evening primrose in more cases than borage proved better. Perhaps it is because the latter is more expensive, or has resulted in fewer studies published to date? Evening primrose oil contains a lot of gamma-linolenic acids, and many women derive increased profits from limiting the inconvenience related to hormonal fluctuations. For undecided, there is also a borage & evening primrose mixture, in equivalent amounts. As for the dosage, it is generally of three capsules of 500 mg per day. It is often advisable to persist at least six months in the case of menstrual pain.
Side effects.
Of high safety at recommended dosages, evening primrose oil can sometimes cause mild nausea, upset stomach or head and loose stools. A dose reduction should eliminate these drawbacks.
Interaction with drugs
  • The frequent use of corticosteroids could reduce the potentially beneficial effect of evening primrose oil on eczéma7.
  • Anticoagulants and antiplatelet agents: a test on animals indicates that primrose oil has an anticoagulant effect and antiplatelet.
  • Evening primrose oil could increase the impact of drugs such as: 
  • Clopidogrel
  • Dipyridamole
  • ticlopidine 
  • Warfarin.
In capsules and capsules for internal use or in small bottles for external use (to keep cool and in the dark to avoid oxidation of fatty acids, which are very fragile), the Evening Primrose oil is very well tolerated. It is advised to take two or three capsules a day to help his body fight against certain hormonal disorders, dry skin and premature aging, in any case, take the pills during meals to avoid side effects (mild nausea) that may occur in sensitive persons.

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