Univase Forte - 200 tablets


Univase Forte® formerly Megazyme Forte Enzyme Formula

Univase Forte are high potency proteolytic enzyme formulas, with 10 enzymes and synergistic nutrients. The tablets are pH sensitive and enteric coated.

The following is extracted from the Rocky Fork site http://www.rockyfork.net/MegaFort.htm

Major Upgrade!
Now in Capsle delivery form!

Enzymes are the supplements of choice in any problems like sprains, strains, arthritis, burns (including sunburn), pre and post-surgical (including dental), poor circulation, etc.
Pardon us for crowing, but we have simply the best enzyme on the market, bar none. NO ONE makes an enzyme with as much as α-chymotrypsin (an extremely potent and long-lived proteolytic enzyme) as we do. Compare our ingredients to other so-called “high-potency” enzyme formulations and big name European-made enzymes then compare prices. And now we’ve added Natto-Kinase to make this formulation simply unbeatable.

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