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Premium Black Seed Oil 500ml

Highest potency cold-pressed Black Seed Oil from Egypt. 500ml Bottle
MPN: 5060247711546
Price: £25.90
Black Seed Oil 500ml

We have added a household wholesale bottle of black seed oil to our range.

The tiny seeds of Nigella sativa (Black seed) are one of the most revered medicinal seeds in history. They have been used in cultures throughout the world to improve health and treat disease. Black seed is mentioned in the Bible, was hailed by prophet Mohammed and used by Hippocrates. A bottle of black seed oil was even found in Tutankhamun’s tomb.Black seed is rich in essential fatty acids and essential amino acids and densely packed with carotenes, minerals and fibre.
In the Middle East, hayfever symptoms are tackled with one tablespoon of Black Seed Oil mixed with a glass of lemon juice twice daily until symptoms disappear.

For more information on black seed oil.
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